Sean Moffett

Sean Moffett

Technologist and
Amateur Electronic Musician

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Professional Bio

Sean's technology experience spans more than 25 years with a current focus on application development using the LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP / PERL) stack. He's experienced in providing custom tech and software solutions to the banking, finance, fintech, retail, tech start-ups, government, transportation and the defense industries. He prefers software development within a Linux environment, but he's generally technology agnostic. He's fluent in SQL, data modeling and can rapidly translate software ideas into technical documentation and functional products.

Sean started dabbling with programming back in the Commodore-64 / Atari computing era in the 1980s. His first software development efforts resulted in a homebrew mailing list application and a dial-up bulletin board software system (KITT BBS) which was accessed from around the world and offered messaging and game downloads served from 5 1/4 floppies @ a blazing speed of 300 Baud.

Sean is also competent in electronics (repair and design), radio (digital and analog) technology and mechanical work. Sean holds an Amateur Extra Amateur Radio License and known as KD2AAE on the air. Sean has made contact with radio operators in every continent on the planet with the exception of Antarctica using homebrew antennas and low end radio gear in analog and digital modes.

Aside from his technology career, Sean served four years with the U.S. Army as a Watercraft Engineer aboard Army watercraft in Haiti (United Nations), Panama, Guyana and Latin America. He served as a Chief Engineer aboard an Army Landing Craft in Panama and maintained everything from the engines to the microwave oven. On various occasions, Sean fabricated critical parts to keep the mission going.


Sean goes by the name Ambient Hex with his amateur music projects. He's never been very good at music making despite his grandmother having been a drummer and his grandfather a multi-instrumentalist and singer. Sean has dabbled with piano and keyboards since the 80s and kept at it and his music has been starting to build a following. Check out Ambient Hex at Reverb Nation (

The music making process is a bit like programming. You start with an idea, build out the pieces and put it together... Then a lot of fine tuning and fixes in the final audio mixing and mastering process. Not one programmer or musician will create anything exactly like each other with the same initial idea.

Sean Moffett's Grandparents' band flyer.
Music production stuff.

Ambient Hex - Poison Lips

Ambient Hex - Shapeshifter


Dynamic Web Application Development

Do you have an idea for a Web application? Sean can help turn your ideas into functional and dynamic Web applications. Sean can handle everything from project management, infrastructure implementation, security, front end development, back end development and database design. Sean can translate your ideas into a software design and requirements document and make it happen!

Data Mining, Web Crawling and Data Analysis

Sean has extensive experience with aggregating massive amounts of data via Web Crawling and other methods with custom built solutions. Acquired data can be structured (JSON / XML) and loaded directly into your information system (Database, CMS, etc.). Acquiring massive amounts of data is one thing, but making sense of a large pile of data is another. Sean can get it done!

Process Analysis & Automation

Is your organization bogged down with tedius manual processes that could be automated? Work with Sean to increase your organization's productivity via information automation. Sean can document your processes, provide suggestions to improve productivity and implement software solutions to automate your organization's business processes. Let's get it done!

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